Train your mind and improve the quality of your attention.

Ready to make meditation really work for you?

Sit Down and Practice is a six-week training course that will help you do 3 things:

1. Understand the fundamentals of meditation practice.
Get past the confusion and hype. We will help you understand what meditation is, how it actually works and break it down into practical skills that you can develop on your own.

2. Develop a consistent practice.
Build up from 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day with structured support and guidance. Get past the biggest barrier that holds most people back: consistent daily practice.

3. Learn how to guide your own learning.
Gain the confidence you need to continue guiding yourself and developing your own skills. No subscription costs. No gurus. We help you become the pilot of your own self development journey.

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Enjoy a more focused, observant and balanced mind.

Learn 3 transformative mental skills


Develop your capacity to direct your attention. Improve your concentration span and ability to navigate distraction. Stay on track with your goals.


Learn to observe physical sensations and emotional reactions. Recognize the underlying habit patterns of your mind.


Maintain a more balanced mind, regardless of circumstance. Experience your life with more presence and perspective.

Is this training right for you?

Sit Down and Practice is a perfect introduction to understand the fundamentals and get started with support. Clear and accessible training methods. No jargon. Cut through the confusion, avoid the hype and get started in an effective, accessible, practical way.

Perhaps you’ve attended a retreat or tried a meditation training before but it wasn’t quite right, didn't work for you, or you couldn’t make the practice stick.

This simple skill-based approach breaks things down into logical steps so you'll learn not just how to practice, but how the practice works. Start with five minutes a day and build up your skills to find a practice rhythm that works for your life. 

This training is perfect if you have used meditation apps and you are ready to explore deeper, self-directed practice.

We'll help you get past the basics and progress beyond just following guided instructions. By understanding how to develop these mental skills you will be able to guide your own practice anytime, anywhere. 

If you have had a meditation practice in the past that has been disrupted or lapsed, we'll get you back practicing stronger than ever before. 

Learn tools and methods for making your practice stable and flexible so that it can keep serving your life as your situation changes.

No buzzwords. No woo-woo. Designed to work for busy people.

Become the leader of your own practice in 6 weeks.

Understand the fundamentals of meditation, establish a practice, and most importantly, learn to guide your own journey forwards recognising the benefits along the way.

We set you up to take charge of your own practice as an independent learner.

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Ready to Sit Down and Practice?

Get the structure and support you need to establish a daily meditation practice that creates benefits in your life.

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Through the development of Sit Down and Practice we have synthesised thousands of hours of research, learning, and practice into a free library of resources and training materials.

You’ll find short guides, audio instructions, tips and tricks, and curated resources to help you understand the basics, start practicing, and keep developing your skills in meditation.

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We're on a mission to make meditation work for you.

We believe the benefits of consistent meditation practice can have a transformative impact on everyday life.

We create learning resources and opportunities to help more people experience these benefits. 

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