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We help you train your mind and improve the quality of your attention.  

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Sit Down and Practice: Six-week training course

Structured support and step by step curriculum to help you understand the fundamentals of meditation and establish a consistent daily practice. 

  • Develop your focus, observation and balance skills.
  • Grow your daily practice from 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day.
  • Gain the confidence to become your own guide. 

If you have had a meditation practice before and it has been disrupted, or you have a practice that is inconsistent and you're ready to go deeper, this training is perfect to kickstart your practice stronger than ever before.

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Get through the barriers that hold most people back

Meditation is often misunderstood.

We use a skill based approach that makes meditation clear and straight-forward. Avoid confusion with easy to follow logical steps. No jargon. No woo-woo.

Establishing a consistent habit is a challenge!

Get structured support to establish a practice that suits your life. Increase your consistency using proven habit forming techniques.

Is this training right for you?

If you have had a meditation practice in the past that has been disrupted or lapsed, we'll get you back practicing stronger than ever before. 

Learn tools and methods for making your practice stable and flexible so that it can keep serving your life as your situation changes.

Perhaps you’ve attended a retreat or tried a meditation training before but it wasn’t quite right, didn't work for you, or you couldn’t make the practice stick.

This simple skill-based approach breaks things down into logical steps so you'll learn not just how to practice, but how the practice works. Start with five minutes a day and build up your skills to find a practice rhythm that works for your life. 

This training is perfect if you have used meditation apps and you are ready to explore deeper, self-directed practice.

We'll help you get past the basics and progress beyond just following guided instructions. By understanding how to develop these mental skills you will be able to guide your own practice anytime, anywhere. 

Sit Down and Practice is a perfect introduction to understand the fundamentals and get started with support. Clear and accessible training methods. No jargon. Cut through the confusion, avoid the hype and get started in an effective, accessible, practical way.

Training the mind improves the quality of your attention and your experience of life.

Become the leader of your own practice.

Over six weeks you'll understand the fundamentals of meditation, establish a practice, and most importantly, learn to guide your own journey forwards recognising the benefits along the way.

We set you up to take charge of your own practice as an independent learner.

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Sit Down and Practice with us

Join a training cohort and take the 42-day challenge! We will help you kickstart your practice in a supportive group environment.

Our live online trainings also come with lifetime access (and free updates!) to our self paced course, so you can keep developing your skills independently.
Next cohort starts November 6 2023.

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Ready to start now? Take the six-week online training course. 

Clear, easy to follow written weekly guides with audio instruction. Buy it once, keep it forever. We'll also give you lifetime access to updates.

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We're on a mission to make meditation work for you.

We believe the benefits of consistent meditation practice can be transformative. Everyone has the potential to experience these benefits in their life.

We create learning resources and opportunities to help more people experience these benefits. 

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