Transform the most important thing you have: Your attention.

We help you train your mind, improve your attention, and experience direct benefits in your life. 

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Develop three powerful skills


Develop your capacity to direct your attention. Improve your concentration span and ability to navigate distraction.


Learn to observe physical sensations and emotional reactions. Recognize the underlying habit patterns of your mind.


Maintain a more balanced mind, regardless of circumstance. Experience your life with more presence and perspective.

Sit Down and Practice is a bootcamp for your brain.

Through this training you will understand how to make meditation work for you.

  • Develop focus, observation, and balance skills.
  • Establish a daily practice.
  • Recognise how to maximise the benefits in your life.

Over six weeks we set you up to understand the fundamentals so you can lead your own journey forwards.

Practice in a way that works best for you.

Clear explanations and techniniques so you can learn the fundamentals and develop a meditation practice that works for your life.

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step, six week training. Build up from 5 to 30 minutes of practice per day.
  • Adaptable habit formation and tracking methods. Use these tools to build a consistent practice.
  • Progress from full instruction to self-directed practice.

Lifetime access. Buy once. Keep forever. Use the training again and again and join future cohorts at reduced rates.

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A Comprehensive Free Resource Library

Through the development of Sit Down and Practice we have synthesised thousands of hours of research, learning, and practice into a free library of resources and training materials.

You’ll find short guides, audio instructions, tips and tricks, and curated resources to help you understand the basics, start practicing, and keep developing your skills in meditation.

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Sit Down And Don&
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This full colour, illustrated guidebook is the perfect introduction to 'that meditation thing' everyone keeps talking about. 


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Our mission is to make meditation work for you.

This project exists to help you experience the benefits of a strong, self-directed meditation practice. Our books and training courses use a straight forward skill based approach. We teach the fundamentals so you can continue learning independently. 

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Sit Down and Don't Read This Book

Sit Down And Don't Read This Book

Sit Down And Don't Read This Book


Sit Down and Practice

Sit Down and Practice: Start Anytime

Sit Down and Practice: Start Anytime