• Understand how meditation actually works.

  • Develop a strong practice.

  • Experience real benefits in your life.

  • Focus

    Develop your capacity to direct your attention. Improve your concentration span and your ability to navigate through distraction. Stay on track with your goals.

  • Observation

    Increase your capacity for observing the sensations of your experience. Clearly recognize your reaction patterns and emotions. Understand the underlying habits and patterns of your mind.

  • Balance

    Learn to hold the balance of your mind. Be less affected by the noise, distractions, and challenges of the world. Hold your own center, be a rock through the storm, hold steady through rough waves.

Training Courses and Books to Help You Master Your Mind

Sit Down and Practice

42 day training course to experience a more focused, clear, and balanced mind.

The Sit Down and Practice training course gives you everything you need to establish a strong meditation practice. Master the fundamentals and learn how to keep guiding yourself forward.

You can start anytime with our self-guided course, or join a live course cohort.

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Live Class Cohort

Lifetime access to the self-guided course and join a cohort with a live facilitated session each week.

Next cohort starts in January 2023!

Classes run every Monday at 6pm AEDT for 6 weeks, starting Monday 16 Jan 6-7pm AEDT.

Register now for special introductory pricing.

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Sit Down and Don't Read This Book

Illustrated guidebook

Learn how meditation really works and how it can help you. No jargon. Clear instruction. A clear roadmap to understand your mind and build practical skills.

Suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

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  • More people on the road to freedom

    This project exists to help more people directly experience the benefits of a strong, self-directed meditation practice.