Understand the fundamentals. Experience the benefits.

Cut through the confusion. Learn what meditation is, why it works and build a practice that works for you. 

Grow your skills to enjoy a focused, productive and calmer mind.

  • 💎 Develop core skills 💎

    Clear instructions so you can use meditation to develop 3 core skills:


  • ⚡ Establish a practice ⚡

    30+ adaptable exercises to use and develop your skills through practice.

    Guided ‘set-it-yourself’ weekly practice rhythms to establish a strong self-directed foundation.

  • Can't make sense of the mindfulness hype?

    This is a perfect introduction delivered in an accessible, practical way.

  • Struggled to make your meditation practice stick?

    You will learn to break it down to fundamental skills and make it work in your life - no matter how busy you are.

  • Using meditation apps and want to go deeper?

    You will learn to independently grow your practice to experience more benefits.

  • Accessible to anyone

    Skill-based exercises, clearly explained so anyone from any background can practice.

  • Adaptable

    Flexible practices, designed to be adaptable to work with your individual circumstances. 

  • Self-directed

    No gurus, mysticism or dependence. Understand the fundamentals and be led by your own experience.

  • No subscriptions

    Buy once, download and keep content forever. Everything you need to get started and continue learning independently.

Get beyond the basics. Make meditation work in your life.

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