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Sit Down and Practice is a 42 day online training course

This is a comprehensive six week training course. Learn what meditation is, why it works, how to do it well, and build a practice that works for your life.

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  • Over six weeks we help you:

    ⚓ Anchor your practice rhythm with weekly activation sessions to build, reflect, and plan the week ahead.

    📜 Introduce you to fundamental concepts with easy to follow text and audio guides.

    🧘 Guide you through formal practices and integration practices you can use through the week.


    Course includes:

    Multimedia content designed for all learning styles and optimized for easy use on mobile devices and offline. 

    ✅ 6 x weekly email resource bundles.

    ✅ Clear goals, milestones, and instructions for establishing a practice.

    ✅ Goal planning and tracking tools.

    ✅ Weekly meditation techniques and instructions in clear language, with no jargon.

    ✅ Guided meditation audio recordings for each week.

    ✅ 6 x Integration exercises.

    ✅ Downloadable/printable practice sheets.

    ✅ Resource library.

Start anytime: self-guided learning

Self paced, weekly email activations.

Downloadable content and resources.

Lifetime access to updates.

Pay once. Keep forever.

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Join a practice cohort

Lifetime access to the self guided course and join a cohort with a live facilitated session each week.

Next cohort starts in January 2023!

Classes run every Monday at 6pm AEDT for 6 weeks, starting Monday 16 Jan 6-7pm AEDT.

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  • Focus

    Develop your capacity to direct your attention. Improve your concentration span and your ability to navigate through distraction. Stay on track with your goals.

  • Observation

    Increase your capacity for observing the sensations of your experience. Clearly recognize your reaction patterns and emotions. Understand the underlying habits and patterns of your mind.

  • Balance

    Learn to hold the balance of your mind. Be less affected by the noise, distractions, and challenges of the world. Hold your own center, be a rock through the storm, hold steady through rough waves.

In 42 days you will:

💎 Improve your skills of focus, observation, and balance.

💎 Understand the fundamental purpose of meditation and how it works. 

💎 Establish a consistent 30 minutes per day meditation practice.

💎 Directly experience the benefits of meditation in your life. 

💎 Know how to continue guiding yourself and further developing your practice.

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There is nothing more important than your attention.

The quality of your attention determines how you experience life. You use your mind in everything you do. Training the mind can help you in every area of your life.

By developing these skills you will learn to recognize and increase the quality of your attention.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can experience benefits by increasing your capacity to focus, observe and balance your mind. We teach you how to develop a strong meditation to develop these skills. Learn more about why attention is so important here.

  • No Subscriptions

    Buy once, download and keep content forever. Everything you need to get started and continue learning independently.

  • Accessible to Anyone

    Skill-based exercises, clearly explained so anyone from any background can practice.

  • Self-directed

    No gurus, mysticism or dependence. Understand the fundamentals and be led by your own experience. We put you in charge of your own journey.

  • Adaptable

    Flexible practices, designed to be adaptable to work with your individual circumstances. 

  • Struggled to make your meditation practice stick?

    We teach you to break the practice down to fundamental skills and integrate them into your life - no matter how busy you are. Experience profound benefits by establishing a consistent practice.

  • Can't make sense of the hype or unsure where to get started?

    This is a perfect introduction to focus on what is most important. Cut through the confusion and get started in an effective, accessible, practical way. No jargon. Clear and accessible training.

  • Been using meditation apps and want to go deeper?

    Learn to extend your practice independently and experience much deeper benefits. Gain the confidence to be your own guide and direct your journey forwards.

Join a practice cohort

Join the Sit Down and Practice 42 day meditation challenge. Classes run every Monday at 6pm AEDT for 6 weeks.

Next cohort starts 16 January 2023.

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