More people enjoying the benefits of meditation in their lives.

All of us alive today inherit thousands of years of recorded learning and experimentation with meditation practices. These practices can be used to develop powerful skills that offer many potential benefits. We believe everyone has the capacity to develop these skills.

Our mission is to help more people experience the benefits of meditation practice.

We develop tools and resources that help people overcome the biggest barriers standing in their way: understanding the fundamentals and establishing a consistent practice.

Learn to focus, observe, and balance your mind

Core Team

We produce these educational resources with the spirit of learning. They are not dogma. They are intended to encourage curiosity and make it easy for anyone to sit down and practice.

We each have to find our own road to self-knowledge. This is a lifelong, individual journey. We encourage you to use these tools to develop your own skills and find what works for you. We will be out there learning with you. See you there!


A huge thank you to everyone who has, and continues to contribute to this project. Special thanks to Felicity Powell and Kimberly Single who helped with early versions of book design and Seed The Change | He Kākano Hāpai who helped get this project off the ground.

We stand on the shoulders of many giants. We're incredibly grateful for the teachers, practitioners, and community members who have dedicated their lives to furthering these practices. Learn more about our teachers and background learning here.

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Take the 42 day challenge! Learn the skills of focus, observation and balance.

Step-by-step guidance to help you develop a strong 30 minutes per day meditation practice.

No jargon. Clear and straightforward. This course was designed to make meditation work for you.

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Through the development of Sit Down and Practice we have synthesised thousands of hours of research, learning, and practice into a collection of free resources and training material. 

Through our newsletter and resource hub you'll find short guides, audio instructions and tips and tricks to help you understand the basics, start practicing, and keep developing your skills in meditation.

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