More people on the road to freedom

All of us alive today inherit thousands of years of recorded learning and experimentation with mindfulness and meditation practices. Everyone has the opportunity to build the skills to experience the benefits of a strong, self directed meditation practice.

This project exists to help make the benefits of meditation more accessible and impactful in our modern world. We do this by developing resources to help people understand the fundamental skills and benefits of meditation.

For learners, by learners

We are all on our own road to self knowledge. Developing these skills is a lifelong, individual journey.

These educational resources are produced with the spirit of learning. They are not expert opinions or dogma. They are intended to encourage curiosity and make it easy for anyone to sit down and practice.

I encourage you to use these tools to develop your own skills and find your own truth about what works for you. I’ll be out there on the road learning with you. See you there!

Ants Cabraal
Author and Creative Director

Seeding the change

We distribute a share of revenue from each sale to support The Gautuam Buddha Free School in Bihar, India. 

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  • Thank you

    A huge thank you to everyone who has, and continues to contribute to this project. Special thanks to Felicity Powell and Kimberly Single who helped with early versions of design.

  • Illustrated by Sara Makdessi

    Sara Makdessi is a yoga teacher, illustrator, animator and producer of Yoga Train training cards.

  • Seed the change

    Seed the change

    Seed The Change | He Kākano Hāpai is an impact focussed supporting partner working to establish the infrastructure for a sustainable, equitable and joyous world.

Lets grow this movement

This work is just beginning. If you are interested in supporting and growing the impact of this project through investment, distribution or product development, please get in touch and let's see what we can do together.

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