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Sit Down and Practice

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Learn to practice anytime, anywhere.

This is a comprehensive six week course. You will cut through the confusion and get everything you need to build a strong meditation practice. Learn what meditation is, why it works, how to do it well, and build a practice that works for your life.

De-mystify the meditation hype

We make meditation work by focusing on 3 critical skills that provide tangible benefits in your life.

We'll help you grasp the fundamental concepts and establish a practice. that works for you.

  • Understand how meditation actually works

  • Establish a strong practice

  • Navigate challenges and experience benefits

No Risk Guarantee

If you try out the course and don't feel that it is a valuable resource for establishing a meditation practice then let us know for a 100% refund.

Bulk order discounts available

Packages and partnerships available for companies, schools, wellbeing coaches, and organisations of any size.

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