Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

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Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

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This isn't one of those online courses you buy, watch one video and then forget about...

Simple Time Commitment: 1 hour per week + your daily practice

Easy to stay on track, no matter how busy you are

Weekly Activation Sessions

Start by booking in your weekly 1 hour activation session. In each session you'll be guided through videos to reflect on progress, learn a new technique, set goals and plan the week ahead.

Daily Practice

Grow your daily practice from 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day. Practice a new skill each week using full audio instructions and guided exercises.

Integration Exercises

Learn how to turn every waking moment into an opportunity to grow your meditation skills. Reinforce and integrate your practice with short exercises throughout the day, no matter how busy your are.

Customizable Email Reminders

Choose an email reminder system that will work for your inbox, from daily prompts to lighter reminders. These automated emails will help you stay on track and keep moving through the training for 6 weeks. 

A structured six-week curriculum to understand the fundamentals of meditation practice.

Week 1

Focusing the Mind

Focus is the foundation of this training. You will set up your practice rhythm and start building your capacity to focus with short 5-minute practice sessions.

Week 2

Observing the Body

By observing the physical sensations of your body you gain greater understanding of your own experience. You will learn to recognize the relationship between sensations, thoughts, and emotions. 

Week 3

Balancing the Mind

You will understand what it means to maintain the balance of your mind. You will learn a meditation practice to let go of reactions and maintain poise.

Week 4

Combining Focus, Observation and Balance

Bring all three skills together. You will learn how to improve the quality of your attention and experience the benefits of mindfulness in your life.

Week 5

Observing Mental Content

Extend the skill of observation from physical sensations to mental content. You will learn to observe patterns of thought without reacting or getting caught up in unhelpful loops.

Week 6

Welcoming All Experience

Put the practices together to shift the way you view and experience challenges in life. You will learn how to trust your self-guidance to continue learning and practicing independently.

What's included in the course:

Everything you need to kickstart your meditation practice stronger than ever before, and keep it going consistently.

  • Comprehensive 6-week curriculum: Learn to develop 3 powerful skills; focus, observation and balance. 
  • Habit building program: Habit formation coaching program with structured goal setting and reflection over 6 weeks.
  • Full guided audio instructions: Learn a new practice technique every week with full guided audio instruction.
  • 42-Day Challenge Journal & Tracker: 42-Day habit tracker and notes journal. Downloadable print-at-home or use on ipad / tablet.
  • Customisable email reminders: Stay on track with useful reminders and prompts customised into an inbox load that will work for you.
  • Lifetime access to video course content: Keep access to the content for life. Use the videos and email reminders to restart the training as many times as you like.

If you know that meditation can be beneficial in your life and want to develop a consistent practice, this is for you.

Helen Triggs

My belief that "I struggle to meditate as I struggle to quieten my mind" has been turned around by this wonderful course. I don't have to quieten my mind; I've learnt how to observe it with curiosity and kindness.

Tom Bellamy

I had been looking for a way into meditation for years and until this course nothing had stuck. I now find myself looking forward to meditating for 30 minutes each day, something that previously I thought would be impossible. I feel so much better having done this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Huge thanks for creating such a great package. The only bad thing is that it had to finish!

Veronica Boutelle

The Sit Down and Practice approach to meditation is wonderfully flexible and adaptable. Whether you're new to meditation, returning after many years (like me), or looking for a more approachable way to practice, Ants and Kynan will set you up for success, however you define it for yourself.

An Van Damme

Thoughtfully designed and effectively delivered. I never saw meditation presented as the development of the three skills focus, observation and balance. That frame definitely works well for me. I very much enjoyed the accountability that's implicitly created by the weekly online sessions. And I already notice the benefit of the practice in my daily life, for instance in being less distracted by thoughts. Thank you for helping me create this change in my life.

Shanthi Ameratunga

I found this course provided me the confidence, handy tools, and invaluable guidance to make the commitment to make meditation a daily practice. This rapidly became not just a task to do or a hill to climb, but a practice I looked forward to and found beneficial at the time of practice and throughout my day.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the Sit Down and Practice Video Course. If you try out the course and after 30 days don't find it to be a valuable resource then we will refund you the full cost, no questions asked.

If you feel that you would benefit from any of our offerings but the cost is prohibitive, then please contact us directly. We are happy to offer scholarships.

How does this course differ from other meditation trainings and apps? Is this course religious? Will it suit my background?

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ here.

Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

$149.00 Sale Save
Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

Sit Down and Practice - Video Course

$149.00 Sale Save

Item is in stock Only 0 left in stock Item is out of stock Item is unavailable

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