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Sit Down And

Sit Down And Don't Read This Book

The perfect introduction to using meditation to master your own mind.

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A clear roadmap to understand your mind. 

Improve your focus, concentration and better understand how your mind works with this easy to follow guidebook. Full colour, illustrated, no jargon, practical steps.

De-mystify the meditation hype

Your ideal companion to understanding that meditation thing everyone keeps talking about.

Grasp the fundamental concepts and establish your own meditation practice.

  • Grasp the fundamentals

    Great for curious minds wanting to quickly understand and experience the benefits of a meditation practice. 

  • Navigate challenges

    Experience how meditation can help you reduce anxiety, deal with uncertainty, and build emotional resilience.

  • Reframe and refresh

    Experienced in meditation? Reinvigorate and kickstart your existing practice with a fresh perspective.

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