Train your mind to do your best work.

Calling all freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent consultants, online creators, soloprenuers, founders and small business owners:

A bootcamp for your brain.

Join a structured six-week training with your peers and make meditation work for you. If you are self-employed or running a business, this is an opportunity to improve your most precious resource: Your attention.

Develop 3 transformative skills




Where your attention goes, your action follows.

Stay fully focused and present on the task at hand. 

Navigate an increasingly loud and distracting world with more control.  

Increase your capacity to concentrate deeply on problems for longer periods of time.

Grow your focus.

How you see the world determines how you can respond.

Deepen your understanding of your own patterns of thinking. 

See situations more clearly. Separate signal from noise. 

Get to the root of problems. Recognise and remove obstacles that block progress.

Deepen your observation.

Your state of mind colours everything that you do.

Stay cool and clear-headed through challenges

Spend less energy reacting and suffering from reactions to negative experiences.

Increase your capacity to respond and act, rather than reacting blindly or giving in to knee-jerk responses.

Maintain your balance.

Building these skills will help you get your best work done. Consistently.

Learn the fundamentals of meditation.

Over six weeks you'll understand the fundamentals of meditation, establish a practice, and most importantly, learn to guide your own journey forward. By the end of this training you will:

💎 Understand the fundamentals of meditation and how it works.
💎 Improve your skills of focus, observation, and balance.
💎 Learn how to establish a practice that works for your life. 
💎 Understand the benefits of meditation and how to maximise them.
💎 Become your own guide so you can further develop your practice independently.

Build a daily practice that works for you.

Use flexible exercises to establish a practice that works well for your life. 

Work up from 5 to 30 minutes of daily practice to find the right rhythm that works for you. Learn integration exercises you can use throughout your day, no matter how busy your schedule. 

Continue your journey with support from new friends.

This cohort will be a unique opportunity to connect with others who have similar challenges and opportunities to you.

If you choose to, you’ll have the opportunity to instigate or join a self organised ‘practice support pod’. Meet new friends and form supportive relationships to keep your practice habit and skills growing. 

Designed to work with busy professional schedules.

Weekly activation session

1 hour per week facilitated session to:

  • Reflect on your week's practice.
  • Learn a new technique.
  • Plan the week ahead.

The weekly heartbeat to keep your practice on track and progressing.

Daily Practice

Practice a new skill each week. Build up from 5 - 30 minutes per day of practice to gradually integrate into your routine.

Integration Exercises

Every waking moment is an opportunity to practice meditation. Use short exercises throughout your day to reinforce and deepen your skills.

Make meditation work for you

We understand that you have a busy schedule. Life moves fast and there are many demands on your attention. There is often more to do than there are hours in the day.
Distractions can be costly. 

You work through constant uncertainty. You are always managing challenges, problem solving, and making decisions.

If you are stressed or overwhelmed you don't have the capacity to think clearly.

You love what you do. It’s important. You have high agency, ambition, and need to be self-motivating. How you show up each day determines the impact you can make.

Limited spaces. Join now.

Places in this training are strictly limited. 

We keep cohorts to only 20 people to ensure an effective learning experience.

Special introductory pricing:

$199 AUD

20% Early Bird discount.

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Our mission is to make meditation work for you.

We teach a no jargon, skill-based approach to meditation. You will practice a new, specific technique each week for six weeks. We set you up with all the fundamentals to keep learning independently. Learn more about the course here.

Through the development of this training we have synthesised thousands of hours of learning and practise into short guides, audio instructions, tips and tricks. All shared freely in our Resource Hub. Dive in!

This training is useful for all levels of meditation background. It is a great starting point for new meditators to learn the fundamental skills and how to develop a practice. It works well for meditators who have used guided meditations and want to progress into deeper, self-directed practice. If you have had a practice before and lapsed, this is the perfect way to restart stronger than ever before.

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