The War For Your Mind (Why Attention Matters)

The War For Your Mind (Why Attention Matters)

Attention! Attention!

Your attention is under threat!

You live in a world with more demands on your attention than at any other point in human history.

Your attention is the most precious thing you have. It is valuable, limited, and everyone wants it. The apps on your phone, your friends, family and community, every website, clickbait article, billboard, podcast, streaming show, messaging service and online store. The unread books on your shelves, unread messages in your inbox. Everything is fighting for it (even this blog post).

Your relationship with your attention is fundamental to how you understand yourself, experience life, and navigate the world.

Take a moment now to pause and consider:

What is the quality of your attention right now?

Is your attention focused or scattered right now? Calm or restless? Satisfied or grasping for something? Spacious or contracted? Present or preoccupied?

Why is this important?

The baseline quality of our attention is how we experience life.

Regardless of who we are, where we are or what we are doing, our base level of attention determines how we experience the world.  When we understand how to recognise and improve the quality of our attention we have a key to unlocking a different way of experiencing life.

We may be fabulously wealthy or struggling to make ends meet. We may be educated and powerful, or sitting on the margins. We may be on a lucky streak where things are going better than we ever imagined. We may be in despair and dealing with grief, trauma, and hardship. 

Regardless of our current situation, how we perceive the quality of our attention greatly determines our wellbeing and capacity to engage in the world. When our attention is focused, calm, spacious, and present, it shifts how we experience the world, whatever it is we have deal with.

With the ability to recognize and improve the quality of our attention, we have the potential to transform how we experience our lives.

With so many things fighting for our attention in our modern world, we each need to find our own ways to reclaim control and navigate whatever is in front of us.

Establishing a meditation practice can help us do this. With the right training meditation can help develop the skills of focus, observation and balance of mind. These skills help us to recognise and improve the underlying quality of our attention. They can help us to move towards more positive states of mind. We can all be more engaged, fulfilled, poised, and aware in our lives. 

It is not an easy thing to develop a strong daily practice.

Life is busy. Priorities clash. Time disappears. Distractions happen. We get it.

That is why we built the 'Sit Down and Practice' 42 day training course. Over 6 weeks you will develop the skills to:

Become aware of your attention.

Understand how your attention works.

Recognize the quality of your attention.

Improve the quality of your attention.

You'll be guided through a programme that will support you to understand the fundamentals of meditation, develop the skills of focus, observation and balance of the mind and most importantly establish a consistent daily practice that you can continue to guide yourself forwards with.

There are no subscription models, rituals or dependence on any one teacher or method. We simply give you the understanding, tools and support so you can get moving on this journey to self knowledge and be your own guide. 

Ready to make meditation really work for you?

Get started with Sit Down and Practice!