You Are Building Skills (Not Harnessing Magic)

You Are Building Skills (Not Harnessing Magic)

Meditation skills can be developed by anyone.

It is important to understand that through meditation practice you are developing skills.

There is nothing mystical or magical about these skills.

These skills are trainable, and they develop through practice. Thousands upon thousands of people have used these skills to improve their lives. These systems have been proven to work over and over. Anyone can learn with practice.

Just like lifting weights will help you build muscles, using meditation to practice these skills will mean they develop.

All you need is time to practice, dedication, and an understanding of the technique.

No one needs to give you permission to practice.

No one can block you from developing these skills.

No one can unlock shortcuts for you to develop these skills.

There are no beliefs, blessings, and initiations required in order to practice.

No prayers, objects, or rituals are needed in order to develop these skills.


What are these skills? 

Because words are never 100% precise, everyone will have different interpretations of these skills and the different ways you can develop them. We define these skills as:

Focus - Develop your capacity to consciously direct your attention. Improve the length of time you can concentrate without being pulled away. Improve your ability to navigate through distraction and stay on track with your goals.

Observation - Increase your capacity for observing the physical sensations of your experience. Clearly recognize the patterns of reaction between your thoughts, physical sensations and emotional. Understand the underlying habits and patterns of your mind and how you are affected by things that happen in the world. 

Balance - Increase your ability to hold the balance of your mind. Be less affected by the noise, distractions, and challenges of the world. Hold your own center, be a rock through the storm, hold steady through rough waves.


Each of these skills provide unique but connected benefits to your life. Developed together, like three legs of a stool, they complement and support each other and create a strong foundation for your continued progress.


Start by starting.

Just like reading, running, or riding a bike, you don’t need to become an expert to experience the benefits of these skills. You just need to start, by starting.

We developed the Sit Down and Practice 42 day training course to guide you through the fundamentals of meditation and develop these 3 important skills: focus, observation and balance.

Over 6 weeks this training will help you develop a consistent, daily meditation practice.

Most importantly, you'll learn through direct experience how to make meditation work for your life and understand how to keep guiding your own journey forwards.

Our mission is to make meditation work for you.

Give it a try.