Does the world really need another meditation course?

Yes! Here are five reasons why...

Here are 5 reasons we decided to create the Sit Down and Practice training course. It is a bit different from other meditation trainings in a few important ways.

1) The ‘M’ words have become really confusing.

Meditation. Mindfulness. What are they? Are they the same? What’s the difference? According to who? Is there a right way?

More and more people are using these words in different ways to mean different things. How do you make sense of it all? What is useful for you or not?

We make the fundamentals clear and simple.

This training course will help you get past the confusion with a clear, concise instruction to develop three fundamental skills (focus, observation, and balance). We provide simple instructions and enough context so you can understand the techniques you are practicing and what you can expect to experience as a result. 

2) The hardest thing about practicing everyday, is practicing everyday.

For many people, consistent practice is the hardest problem to solve. How do you fit meditation into an already too busy life? How do you kickstart and reignite your practice after a break? How do you find time during a busy day to ‘drop out’ and meditate? How can you make the time actually useful for you?

We give you focused support and multiple ways to integrate meditation practice into your life.

Sit Down and Practice was designed by busy people, for busy people. We’ll give you tools and techniques and a supportive framework to be able to solve this challenge in a way that fits your life, regardless of how busy you are.

Everything is focused around one clear goal:

To help you establish a consistent 30 minutes daily meditation practice.

3) The purpose of meditation can be unclear, abstract, or esoteric.

What’s the point of meditation? How do I know if I’m making progress? What benefits can I actually expect to experience? Why didn’t it really work for me in the past?  I'm not noticing much change - what am I doing wrong? What does success actually look like for me? 

We ground the training in benefits that you experience directly.

We do not define success for you. The benefits of developing this practice will experienced differently by everyone. We help you to understand and recognize the benefits you can achieve. By learning how to recognize these benefits through your own experience, you will be able to guide yourself towards your own goals. We offer guidance to help you make progress, without telling you what you should experience.

4) Everyone has their own journey from their own starting point.

Just as everyone who learns to ride a bike will not become a professional cyclist, not everyone who practices meditation will become an enlightened monk or serious practitioner. There is no one destination for everyone. Everyone has different needs, different starting points, different constraints and opportunities.  

Your progress and experience will be deeply individual. 

We help you make forward progress, whatever your starting point and whatever your goals. 

The most important thing about developing a meditation practice is that you experience some benefit to your life. Regardless of your starting situation, we believe everyone has the capacity to experience benefits and make genuine progress with the right guidance. We help you use your own practice to recognize and understand your own journey and end goals. 

5) Meditation practice is a self-directed lifelong journey

The meditation world is full of gurus and teachers with specific methods promising specific results. The right teachers at the right time can be extremely helpful and necessary to make progress. However, navigating this can add confusion and worse, create dependency or false understandings and expectations. 

We guide you to become your own guide.

We believe meditation is a vehicle to help you progress on a self-directed journey. The Sit Down and Practice course is designed around creating independence, not dependence. We focus on giving you a solid understanding of the fundamental skills, the guidance to define your own goals, and the tools to develop your own practice.

  • There are no ongoing subscription fees.
  • You do not need to adopt any belief systems.
  • No devotion to teachers is required.

We believe that with a strong grasp of the fundamental principles anyone can direct their own progress without paying subscription fees for apps or relying any one teacher or method. We encourage you to guide your own path towards your own goals.

Ready to Sit Down and Practice?

Ultimately, we offer this course in the hope that you use to it make tangible, felt, meaningful progress forwards in your own journey to self knowledge. 

We sincerely hope you experience benefits that keep growing and keep improving your life.

We wish you all the very best on the journey.

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