A Bootcamp for Your Brain

Learn skills to help focus, observe, and balance your mind in six weeks.

We introduce you to the fundamental concepts of meditation, teach specific techniques to develop your skills, and help you establish a consistent practice.

Week 1

Focusing the Mind

Focus is the foundation of this training. You will set up your practice rhythm and start building your capacity to focus with short 5-minute practice sessions.

Week 2

Observing the Body

By observing the physical sensations of your body you gain greater understanding of your own experience. You will learn to recognize the relationship between sensations, thoughts, and emotions.

Week 3

Balancing the Mind

You will understand what it means to maintain the balance of your mind. You will learn a meditation practice to let go of reactions and maintain poise.

Week 4

Integrating Focus, Observation, and Balance

This week you will bring all three skills together. You will learn how to improve the quality of your attention and experience the benefits of mindfulness in your life.

Week 5

Observing Thoughts

Extend the skill of observation from physical sensations to mental content. You will learn to observe patterns of thought without reacting or getting caught up in unhelpful loops.

Week 6

Welcoming all Experience

Put the practices together to shift the way you view and experience challenges in life. You will learn how to trust your self-guidance to continue learning and practicing independently.

Week 6

Welcoming all Experience

We learn how to use these skills to shift the way we view and experience challenges in life. You will put together all the fundamentals of practice needed to develop self-guidance and continued learning.

Learn to build a practice that works for your life.


Understand the fundamentals with a clear, skill-based approach. No jargon. No woo woo. Easy to follow logical cirriculcum.

  • Understand what meditation is and how it works in clear terms.
  • Learn specific techniques to develop the mental skills of focus, observation, and balance.
  • Recognize the benefits of these skills in your life.


Develop a consistent practice with structured support. 

  • Use habit formation and tracking methods that work for you.
  • Step-by-step planning and accountability sessions.
  • Build up from 5 minutes per day to a consistent 30 minute daily practice.
  • Use integration exercises to practice anytime, anywhere - no matter how busy you are.

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Easy to follow, no matter how busy you are

Weekly Activation

Anchor your practice with a weekly activation session. In each session you'll set goals, reflect on progress, and build your habit. Learn a new technique and plan the week ahead.

Daily Practice

Your daily meditation practice is the heartbeat. Practice a new skill each week. Grow from 5 to 30 minutes per day. Build a strong consistent habit that works for your life.

Integration Exercises

Every waking moment is an opportunity to practice meditation. Use short exercises throughout your day to reinforce and deepen your skills. Learn to integrate practice into your day, no matter how busy your are.

Take the 42-Day Challenge!

Flexible options so you can build a practice in the way that works best for you.

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Sit Down and Practice: Start Anytime

Sit Down and Practice: Start Anytime


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Tom Bellamy

I had been looking for a way into meditation for years and until this course nothing had stuck. I now find myself looking forward to meditating for 30 minutes each day, something that previously I thought would be impossible. I feel so much better having done this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Huge thanks for creating such a great package. The only bad thing is that it had to finish!

An Van Damme

Thoughtfully designed and effectively delivered. I never saw meditation presented as the development of the three skills focus, observation and balance. That frame definitely works well for me. I very much enjoyed the accountability that's implicitly created by the weekly online sessions. And I already notice the benefit of the practice in my daily life, for instance in being less distracted by thoughts. Thank you for helping me create this change in my life.

Become the self-directed leader of your own practice.

In this training you won't become dependent on our guidance. We help you become an independent learner. Over six weeks you'll understand the fundamentals of meditation, establish a practice, and most importantly, learn to guide your own journey forwards recognising the benefits along the way. By the end of this training you will:

💎 Understand the fundamental purpose of meditation and how it works.

💎 Improve your skills of focus, observation, and balance.

💎 Establish a consistent 30 minutes per day meditation practice.

💎 Directly experience the benefits of meditation in your life.

💎 Know how to continue guiding yourself and further developing your practice.

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No monthly subscriptions or lock-in. Once purchased the content is yours. Re-activate your training at any time. Run the 42-Day Challenge again and again.

Downloadable Content

Print-at-home practice journal and tracker. Guided meditations and audio instructions. Access online or download material and practice anytime, anywhere, forever.

Lifetime Access

You'll get lifetime access to future updates of the course content and discounts to cohort trainings and books. Restart the online course or join another cohort anytime you need a refresh.

Everything you need to get practicing.

What will I know by the end of this course?

5 fundamentals you will understand

Does the world really need another meditation training course?

Learn why this one is different

Sit Down and Practice is for people who know meditation can be useful and want to experience the benefits in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve attended a retreat or tried a meditation programme before but it didn’t land, wasn’t quite right for you, or you couldn’t make the practice stick. This simple breakdown using a skill-based approach and flexible ways to develop a practice will help you find a practice rhythm that works for your life. 

This is a perfect introduction to get the fundamentals sorted. Cut through the confusion and get started in an effective, accessible, practical way. No jargon. Clear and accessible training.

You’ve used a meditation app to find some benefit from meditation and you are ready to explore deeper, self-directed practice. We'll help you move from relying on guided practice to understand the fundamentals so you can practice on your own anytime, anywhere. 

For meditators who's practice has been disrupted or lapsed and want to get to a consistent daily practice. We'll get you back practicing stronger than ever before. Get tools and tips for making your practice stable so that it can be an ongoing resource.

Meet your instructors

Meditation isn’t mystical. The magic happens by building a consistent practice.

We developed this training to focus specifically on the hardest problem and biggest barrier to experiencing the benefits of meditation: Establishing a consistent daily practice. 

We teach a straight-forward, skill-based approach. You will learn specific techniques to focus, observe, and balance your mind. We'll help you establish a daily practice that works for your life and give you the fundamental knowledge you need to guide your own journey onwards.

We've built this training to be:

We offer a skill-based, non-religious approach. No dogma, rituals, or belief systems are required to get benefit from this training.

Experience the benefits through practice, whatever your background, situation, or worldview.

Everything is presented in clear, straightforward language without jargon. Practices and exercises are designed to be flexible so you can adapt them to suit your life.

Develop a practice that suits your life - no matter your situation.

We don’t create dependence on specific teachers or gurus. You learn the fundamentals through practice and then continue developing your skills independently.

Become a confident self-directed learner. 

We don't lock you in with a dependence on subscription models or special teachings. We want to support you to become an independent learner. Buy once, keep the content forever.

Use your lifetime access to the course and re-run the training as many times as you like.

Is this training right for me? How long does it take? What benefits can I experience? What if I'm too busy to do the training?

We love questions! Find answers to these are more in frequently asked questions.

Ready to Sit Down and Practice?

Take the 42-Day Challenge. Learn the skills of focus, observation and balance.

Step by step guidance to help you develop a strong 30 minute per day meditation practice.

No jargon. Clear and straightforward.

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Our mission is to help you experience the benefits of a meditation practice that works for your life. 

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